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I worked at Turbo Surf Hawaii for many years as the production manager. Same great quality and some exciting new designs-see my custom board links. If you need something special-give me a call.  Aloha, Ken Brown  (808) 429-2973 or email

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Click pic for video-
3 fin box board with airbrushed stripe.

Click pic for video-
custom handpainted Kenu bodyboard.

Click on pic for video- Here's some boards I have made over the years.

Custom bodyboard Prices
board 48" and under and 2 1/2" thick or less-$270
thicker than 2 1/2" and up to 2 3/4" thick-$285 on up
Boards longer than 48" or thicker than 2 3/4"--call or email.
shipping, confirmation, and insurance for under 48" long--$70 to U.S.A.
2 swivel wrist leash-$23   2 swivel bicep leash-$25   handle-$18
fin box-
$12.50 each    fiberglass fins-$35 each

Here's an example of some of the custom artwork designs I have made
For $40 you can have the choice of a single or double stripe (red, blue, black)

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