Diamond Head is comprised of more than a few spots. Right in front of all the tourist lookouts is "Cliffs." To the left is "Brown's" and "Blackpoint." To the right is "Lighthouse." Cliffs is the most popular spot and in recent years has become a favorite for companies making a living teaching surfing to the tourists. Lighthouse is a more high performance wave and the surfers out there are usually way more experienced. When the waves are big, usually a couple times in the summer-all these spots can be a challenge and get over 6 feet and pumping. The real attraction of course is that if you catch a huge wave and rip it up, all your buddies up on the cliff will see you!

 Nice swell at Diamond Head  Pretty big Diamond Head

Lighthouse- Here's what it is all about, a big snap right in front of some dude and all the guys watching on the cliff.

Lighthouse-The drops can be pretty steep here-the waves can get much bigger than this in the summer-this was October 2012.

Cliffs- Cliffs is a good spot for longboard-the waves aren't so steep, and it can be a real long wave too if you catch the right one.

Cliffs- Here's a nice mellow smooth one-just right for an early morning go out.

Lighthouse- You can go right or left at Lighthouse-but the tube is  going right--and when it is happening, everybody wants it.

Here's part of my surf map--Diamond Head is in the lower right-right by my feet.

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Click pic for video-You got to see this huge homemade glider plane that you throw to each other!



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