Hanauma Bay is one of Hawaii's most popular tourist attractions-and a big money maker for the state. Thousands of people per day pay the $7.50 to get in unless you are a Hawaii resident-then it is free. You must attend a 15 minute video to tell you not to walk on the reef or bother the fish. Then all the tourists step out of the theatre and go right down to the bay and do exactly what they are not supposed to do!

The left side has plenty of fish, although there are fish all over the bay. Go beyond the reef if you dare on a nice day-bring a float and fins so you can make it back in. The swaying coconut trees and the sun sparkling off the water will remind you of Hawaii long ago-


One of Hawaii's most popular tourist attractions.

The left side of the bay has the most fish

Most people swim in this area


Ride the tram up the hill for $1.25
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Plenty of pretty Japanese girls at Hanauma Bay

Don't staremp

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hich would you rather swim with?

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'Da Pipe

Kelly Slater ripping

Big waves at Makapuu

Click pic for video-You got to see this huge homemade glider plane that you throw to each other!



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