Longboarders-There has been a resurgence in longboarding in the last decade or so. Guys are finding out that they can sit further out, catch more waves, and have more fun in normal surf than they could when they rode shorter boards and had to hang around with the rest of the pack further on the inside. Guys are even surfing big Pipeline and other huge waves spots where only narrower, shorter boards were used before.


Longboarder getting ready to get a tube ride believe it or
not at Diamond Head Cliffs on a fairly big and good day.

This big local guy was catching and ripping all the good waves
this day at Ehukai.

One of the better longboarders that you hope is not out at
the Public's surf spot when you go out-- is Kareem.

This guy cranks hard on his turns with his longboard.

Good flowing style

Longboarder making the drop at Ala Moana Bowls.

Featured Videos

'Da Pipe

Kelly Slater ripping

Big waves at Makapuu

Click pic for video-You got to see this huge homemade glider plane that you throw to each other!



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