Point Panic- is known for its excellent wave for body surfing. When the waves are big in Waikiki, everybody comes and takes a look at Panics. They don't always go out though because it is for bodysurfers only--and they will run you out if you try to board surf there. Further to the right side is a bunch of spots that break pretty good when it is big--one of them is called Flies because there used to be a garbage dump there. It is still there, just covered up with dirt and a park. You can see the pipes sticking out of the ground that let out the methane gas that is being produce by decaying old garbage!

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here's some more OTW waves on North Shore of Oahu.

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Click pic for video- Point Panic is the premier Waikiki area bodysurf spot. You are not allowed to bodyboard or board surf there-and the bodysurfers will run you out if you try.


Flies surf spot--in front of the buried garbage dump.

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Rockpiles- Lookin' good.

Here's a real cool green screen composite video of Anne dancing.
You better have a powerful computer
if you want to render 5 Annes in HD and chromakey effects
dancing at the same time--takes a powerful CPU!

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'Da Pipe

Kelly Slater ripping

Big waves at Makapuu

Click pic for video-You got to see this huge homemade glider plane that you throw to each other!



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