You can still get a 911 Porsche for cheap if you know where to look and know not what to buy! You got to be careful when you buy one of these cars, parts are expensive and if you don't know how or want to fix it yourself, you better have a lot of mnoney to keep it going. Have an experienced mechanic check it over before you buy! Things to look for-rust, bad accident repairs, junk motor and/or transmission, and basic bad body and trim condition that will nickel and dime you to death trying to make it nice.

Some people say it is nearly impossible to remove the
ignition switch off the back of the Porsche 911 ignition assembly while
it is still in the car because of space limitations underneath the dashboard.
Well I did it, and you can see my tricks on this video.

Sometimes you need to hire an experienced guy like Tim Knight to
fix things that you don't know about. He can save you a
 lot of time and headaches! The Porsche motor can be very expensive
to fix, and to buy a new rebuilt one will cost you $5000+--if you can find one!
It is smart to drive your valuable classic Porsche car carefully
and to keep it maintained.

 If you look on Craigslist you can find some good deals! Some guys prefer to
spend big bucks to have top of the line audio equipment installed by
the best installers--other guys got to make do with a more limited budget!
Craigslist is also a good place to find quality older tools and parts that were
made in the USA and Germany. A lot of new parts and tools these days are
made in you know where--and are crap and won't last!

Don't like the chrome? Paint it black--way cool. If your chrome isn't perfect,
you might want to consider doing this to it. If your chrome is real nice, you
might want to keep it lookinglike chrome on older classic Porsches because
it might add value to the car,rather than messing it up and changing
it by half ass painting it black-----like me?

Painting Fuchs wheels on a 911 Porsche the easy way. Even Porsche purists
will shake their head at this, this is not the way Porsche wheels should be painted!
In their minds, the proper way to do this is to have the wheel taken off and sent
by special delivery to Germany to a real German specialist who will work on your wheels
while wearing his mountain hiking outfit while surrounded by tall beautiful blonde
Germanic women drinking Lowenbrau beer out of beer steins--underneath the
watchful gaze of a portrait of Der Fuhrer!

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