Publics- is known for its shallow water, long left hand waves and coral heads that will pop up at any time trying to eat you and your board. There are plenty of longboarders, shortboarders, and tons of SUP riders--and they are all good. So you had better be a fast paddler, have a board with good flotation, or just look downright mean to get a big wave to yourself here.

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Waves, girls, and a hot car.

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styling through the inside section. This is "Kareem"-you will have to deal with him and his many buddies on longboards and SUPs if you want to catch a prized big outside peaking wave.

Ripper cutting back. The Natatorium is the flat building right below Diamond Head.
Built many years ago to honor Hawaii World War 1 soldiers--it is now the subject
of heated debate whether or not to tear it down and make a bigger beach.

Young dude waiting for a set near Publics. Diamond Head
and the "Gold Coast" apartments are in the background. Most guys with smaller
boards don't stand a chance of catching the big outside waves at Publics with
the many guys with longer boards who know how to use them! You had
better be a top paddler and have good wave knowledge to out smart and
out paddle those guys.

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Surfing at Publics-located in Waikiki, it is known for its
shallow water and coral heads that are just waiting to eat you and your board.

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Rockpiles- Lookin' good.

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'Da Pipe

Kelly Slater ripping

Big waves at Makapuu

Click pic for video-You got to see this huge homemade glider plane that you throw to each other!



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