F-22 came into Hickam for the airshow. Notice the jagged chine edges on the nose, wing, and air inlet--I guess that is how it scatters the radar waves. They will use the drop tanks for long distances and then drop them when they want to be stealthy.22
F-86 on permanent display on the main road in Hickam. Armed with six .50 caliber machine guns.

F-106 Delta Dart that must have been used for interception in the old days at Hickam before they got their F-15s. Now the F-15 are old and phased out. The F-22 is protecting Hawaii now.
A beautiful Mig-15 at the airshow. It is so small and cool looking-with a big cannon! These were a surprise when first encountered over North Korea. Used a modified engine originally designed by the British.
Go check out the aviation museum on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. When we went there, they were just starting their Vietnam hangar exhibit--must be done by now. They have a real good World War 2 display in another big building. Here's the interior of a Huey troop helicopter.
 Here's a scout plane with an engine in the front, and one in the back. They are in the process of rebuilding it.
The famous Cobra attack helicopter with a mini-gun, sensors, and grenade launcher on the front and rockets on the side.
Bofors 40 millimeter quad flak guns mounted near the main Pearl harbor museum.
Submarine on display--walk indide and check it out.
They cut a submarine in half.

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