Ants will eat you alive

who doesn't love cute duckies?
Who doe

This gecko must be able to see all the bugs real good.

Snails are actually cool looking.

What's the deal with those eyes?

Having a little fun with "Turtle" the tortoise.

"Turtle" posing for you.

He'll eat most any kind of plant!

This African dog creature looks sleepy.

I can't believe this Cheetah posed for me this day at Honolulu zoo.

These Sulcata tortoises are way over 100 pounds each! They
eat a lot of weeds and flowers in the wild.

A big monitor lizard basking in the sun.

Will this guy spit on you?

Horses make a lot of poop and need a lot of care and money.

Don't know what this is, but usually in nature
bright colors mean "watch out, don't mess with me!"

Look at the lizard and then let him go.

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