There are a lot of guys who take just as much pride in how their bikes perform
and look as other guys who own motorized vehicles. Bikes are cheap and can go anywhere! You just got to watch out for the guy driving around in their cars looking at their cell phones or daydreaming. If they hit you, they might not stop- especially at night. A percentage of all cars on the road are illegally operated with no insurance and even people with no license driving them--so watch out!

 1910 Meade Racing bike  cool motorized bike!

How much is that smelly, grungy, 100 year old Meade Ranger
racing bike in the window---I must have it!!!!

Meade Ranger was the name of the company before they changed it to--Schwinn! I lost my mind and bought the bike. Here's the bike after some elbow grease using rubbing compound (rough) and polish (fine) and a little car wax. Rims were cleaned with lacquer thinner and are made of wood. Previous owner put on some motocross tires so he could move it around and not damage the rims. Original tires were red rubber and were glued onto the rim. Big sprocket has less teeth than a current bike. The seat(saddle) is very delicate and will break if you sit on it. The bike is for show only at this time. Looks like a bike you would buy in a shop now. Strange how a hundred year old bike looks current, and a hundred year old car does not.

This old Schwinn Manta Ray bike would be good for me because it is tall.
These bikes sell for over a $1000 sometimes.

Schwinn Orange Crate is another collectible bike.

This very rare old Schwinn mini-twinn is just the thing for
taking your girlfriend for a cruise.

Here's a weird one--how's the size of those tires!
All these bikes were seen at Eki Cyclery in Honolulu.

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