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I worked at Turbo Surf Hawaii for many years as the production manager. Same great quality and some exciting new designs-see my custom board links.
If you need something special-give me a call.
Aloha, Ken Brown  (808) 429-2973 or email

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bodyboard repairs


custom 44" scoop nose

custom twin fin boards

Cool yellow kneeboard with 3 fin boxes

Click pic for video-
custom handpainted Kenu bodyboard.

"stealth" board and 51"
x 23" x 3" twin fin knee board-
both are "wrap rail"

Custom bodyboard Prices
board 48" and under and 2 1/2" thick or less-$270
thicker than 2 1/2" and up to 2 3/4" thick-$285 on up
Boards longer than 48" or thicker than 2 3/4"--call or email.
shipping, confirmation, and insurance for under 48" long--$70 to U.S.A.
2 swivel wrist leash-$23   2 swivel bicep leash-$25   handle-$18
fin box-
$12.50 each    fiberglass fins-$35 each

I always recommend "incremental" changes to your board to achieve that perfect board.
Before you order a new board from me, I will need from you these measurements from your old favorite board. Looking at the top of your board, use a measuring tape or yardstick and find:

1. nose width--from edge of rail foams

2. length- stand the board up and measure it

3. tail width

4. wide point and where it occurs--is the widest point 21" wide and it occurs 16" down from the nose?? Measure it and let me know.

5. Thickness- lay the board flat on a table. Place a book or wood on top, and then measure the distance between the book and the tabletop.When you have these measurements along with your height, weight, type of waves you ride, and the city where you live--- Email Us or call (808) 429-2973. I can't give shipping quotes unless I know where you live!

Fin boxes with real fins!
This is the lightweight "carbon fiber look" vinyl I like to use-in white, red, black, and silver.
I also have other vinyls that have different textures, colors, and weights. Rail colors are blue, red, black-and I can also splice colors together for a cool look. Bottom is always the impact resistant and very fast white plastic. Ask for free channels on the bottom if you want them. Top is vinyl with a soft pad underneath-so the top doesn't give you rash and is nice and soft. There are no stiffening stringers in the board, although I do put them in special big boy situations. Board is very stiff and strong because of special internal structure and usually has a slight lift in the nose so you don't "pearl dive." Core is waterproof polypropylene. I use real surfboard standard fin boxes and top quality custom made fiberglass fins. Check top links for shipping prices,etc.


My son Shaun's 51" board
. This is the board I'm going to show you if I meet you in person because it has all the bells and whistles on it--including fins and fin boxes not shown in this picture.


- Morro Bay
3 fins, big grooves,
custom top for huge guy.


Al is a big guy from the Big Island. He wanted a 48" wider, thicker, super strong board.

D 4
Chris from France wanted
a thin state of the art
drop knee board

Bobby wanted a board with 3 fin boxes and everything else!

Board 6
Red 48" board with 2 fin boxes

Everything a boy could want.

Laurie is a short big girl who wanted a board she would not slide off of.


Custom hand paint for California ripper.

12-2010 YP wanted a board similar to Shaun's board-but 2 1/8" thick and with 3 fin boxes.

A custom 51" Hawaii flag handpaint-built to last.


12-2010 Jeff wanted a cool board for his son Basil--this board has all the bells and whistles!

48" with deep channels


- Oahu, Hawaii
41 1/2" with  2 5/8"

Joe wanted a cool copy
of "Ken's Toy"

Here's one of my old standup boards for makapuu-worked good with deep channels 

Silver 48" with 2 boxes.

Black 48" with 2 boxes.

42" board 2 fin boxes-note belly groove to keep you centered on board.

Shayne wanted a long lasting board with no logos

48" board,1 box and
two-toned spliced rails.

Here's a bunch of scoop nose fancy artwork boards-note single $40 stripe and double stripe $40

Board Features

Measure your favorite boards dimensions and compare them to other boards you like. If you are not sure what to order or have questions, please- Email  

Unless you have a specific tail design in mind, stick with the standard crescent tail design. The crescent tail acts like 2 pintails on either side of you and the crescent locks you in so you don't slip around. I can do any other type tail that you want, but from my experience the guys who try different tails usually want me to modify their boards back to the standard crescent tail. Wide tails for big heavy people, narrower tails for lighter people.
If you are big, you need a longer board unless you are only surfing fast, short, shore breaks. The cool length I've noticed lately for most people is about 42". If you are smaller, the board should come up a little above your belly button. The first thing you should do is measure the length on your old board, and decide if it is too short or what.
Stick with 60/40 rails unless you are surfing really big waves. If your rail is lower like 50/50 (diamond rails), your board might not be able to do smooth 360 turns because the rail will be catching.
Small channels don't do much, but deeper channels do help you hold your turn on big waves- check out my personal board above. On smaller waves, deep channels may stop you from doing clean 360 spinners.
You don't ride the nose, but the standard rule of thumb is if you are prone riding-wide nose. If you are drop knee-narrow nose.
I like to use special plastic for everybody because it's really strong and fast.
 If you are under 150 lbs. I'll make it thinner. If over 220 lbs. I'll make it thicker. Almost all custom boards come with a call to you by Ken to make sure the board you ordered is the one you need, and to clarify any questions or details.

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