East Side jump

Sadly, this telephone pole was removed in 2011. This area is to the right of Makapuu lighthouse-near Sandy Beach. It was the place to go to show how brave you were as a kid- to walk out on that slippery pole that was way high over some sharp boulders below. This area will some day be a state park with tour buses, parking lots, bathrooms, and all the rest. Takes a little effort to hike there, but the water is still awesome--but no telephone pole. the last time I was there someone rigged up a narrow 4" x 4" wood beam but it is even scarier to walk on now.This area was not developed because it is in a tsunami inudation zone.

 East side hike and swim!  Sandy Beach big waves and fish chase

Here's what it is all about, making the big jump into the beautiful clean water.

You have to be brave to walk high up on a slippery telephone pole with sharp boulders right below you.

If you are real good, you can hover for a few seconds
before crashing into the water.

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Big waves at Makapuu

Click pic for video-You got to see this huge homemade glider plane that you throw to each other!



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