Stealthy Motorized bike

This is a motorized flat black Nirve bike with a 50cc one cylinder engine. There is no electric start, so in order to start it the bike must be going fast enough so the magneto that is inside the motor will give it enough juice to start. When you push it, pedal it, or go down a hill fast enough-pop the clutch and it will start up and take off. It has a throttle to control the speed and a brake handle that operates both the front and rear brakes. To turn it off, pull in the clutch and press the off switch which shorts out the spark and the engine dies. The gas tank is a little weed eater tank that has been custom fitted under the seat so you don't see it. The seat was made out of 2" x6" wood, some carpet, foam, and black vinyl to finish off the look. Muffler was fashioned out of 3/4" galvanized plumbing pipe and has a gas mower muffler that is further quieted by wrapped carpet. Engine is hidden by some black carpet that has been cut with random holes to improve the heat disapation and also to camouflage the shape and outline of the engine--because in Hawaii, bikes with motors that do not have a DOT(Department of Transportation) number and were not professionally made by a licensed manufacturer--is not allowed- so ride at your own risk.

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Stealthy motorized bike--not going to win any award for flashy chrome or paint. Very comfortable seat and overall layout. Gas tank under the seat is a bit of a hassle, but the bike doesn't use much gas so you rarely have to put gas in.
Pedals were painted flat black, then repainted chrome so cops would see the pedals for sure--and think it was a bike.

The weedeater gas tank under the seat.

Side view showing the perforated random cut engine carpet, 3/4" plumbing pipe muffler,red gas filter, and chain setup. The chain has a tensioner that keeps the chain the right tightness. Carpet is wired up so it does not touch engine-just hides it.

Good view of pipes-you can see the little black box CDI ignition mounted directly under the motor on the frame. Notice the different galvanized pipe angle unions used to turn the pipe around the wheel and under the frame.

Here's the bike before I made my stealth changes. You're probably saying to yourself--hey, it looks better here than after he ruined it. Sorry--looks too much like a motorcycle to me.

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