There are many places on Oahu where you can have lots of fun and risk it all at big and fun shorebreaks. Waimea, Sandy Beach, and of course now famous Keiki's shorebreak on the North Shore. If you are not a good waterman and in good shape, it is a good idea to stay out of the water and just watch!

Shaun, Josh, and the boyz at Keiki's.

Big and fun shorebreak #2

Could this really be true? The great foam wall of Keiki's.

This wave is pitching right on the sand! The sand grains are real big and fluffy,
so it feels kind of soft when the wave drags you over and pounds
your head into the sand.

The view before the pain- get ready to hold your breath! Be prepared to be
 held under for awhile, and when you finally get up--another huge one knocks
you off your feet and the washing machine ride starts again!

You've got to be real confident to be doing this. See the river of
water racing back to the wave-clawing at your legs to suck you
in to the churning, pitching wave.

The dudes that risk it all to get the sick photos and footage. Hold
your breath unless you want to inhale a foot of foam.

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Click pic for video-You got to see this huge homemade glider plane that you throw to each other!



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